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ArisNote (pronounced Are-is-Note) is a small software company whose goal is to produce simple to use but useful software products. Clean. simple designs that aid in productivity. Our main product Arisnote Plus is based around note taking.

Putting notes, a calendar and easy access to your notes was the main idea. We included  note encryption/decryption so you can secure things like password and log in information. Plus eight programable buttons so certain programs are a button click away..

Arisnote puts these useful features in one place. We fill a small niche market. There are all kinds of software out there, what makes ArisNote so useful is it fills a gap. It is simple but also very flexible. While this product may not satisfy everyones needs, it will satisfy many. So we hope it will satisfy yours.

We offer it as a free 14 day trial. So you can try it before you buy it. We want you to see if this program fits your personal needs. If it does please register it. We are aware it will not fit everyones personal needs. No one program can. But we fell it can satisfy the needs of many...

Thank You