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ArisNote 2017 offers a Free Add on. We have added ArisNote Assist. You can download and
use it FREE. ArisNote Assist is a Larger version of the ArisNote 2017 calendar. It cross links
the ArisNote 2017 calendar notes. It adds a Reminder, To do list and a Schedule. It extends
the power of ArisNote 2017.

Please note you need to download and install ArisNote 2017 first as it uses the ArisNote 2017
data directories.

Anyone who registers ArisNote 2017 will get the Next Version of ArisNote FREE. Your registration code will grant you access to the Future Upgrade*. If you like ArisNote 2017, I am sure you will like the updated program we are working on. So order today and you can save...


You can down load and install ArisNote Assist by clicking the down load button above.

We suggest you copy the program (ArisAssit.exe) to the C:\program Files (x86)\ArisNote directory. But you place it whereever you'd like.

The programs needs ArisNote 2017 installed first as ArisAssist uses ArisNote 2017's directories.

To run the programs from ArisNote 2017, you can program one of the launch buttons to launch
the programs you have chosen.

In Options -> Launch Options program the launch button as follows

Launch Name: Assist           
Launch Path:  C:\Program Files (x86)\ArisNote\ArisAssist.exe

The above example assumes you place ArisAssist.exe in above directory.

This would allow you to launch ArisAssist from ArisNote 2017. Note: You can use whatever
launch name you want of course or any path to where you put the program.

Note: You may need to change the Override high DPI scaling behavior setting (check it) in the programs property settings. As this can cause appeareance issues.If the program is fuzzy or doesn't look like the screenshot above, try setting the Override high Dpi. This should work.

Check back often for more add on's.

* While we have been working on an improved version of ArisNote, we need registrations to keep working on this software. A tremendous amount of work has gone into producing this product. So if you register, we will reward you a Free Update to the next version if and when we release it.

We have a few Add On's coming soon. They are totally free and design to add more productive functions to ArisNote 2017.